Who We Are

 Ratchet Luxury's aesthetic is best described as provocative, tongue-in-cheek, and controversial.

"I just do what makes me feel good. And I get it out by any means necessary."

As Founder/Creative Director of Ratchet Luxury, Laurence Andrew created a brand that embodies his love of fashion and the culture that shaped his identity.

"Black culture is often the inspiration for what becomes mainstream. I wanted to create a body of work that pays homage to my personal style icons. The fly girls on the block with edgy and innovative style. The girls who originated trends in their neigborhoods, that would be adapted to high fashion. These women continue to be trendsetters. However, they rarely receive the credit they deserve. I want them to wear Ratchet Luxury and see themselves celebrated in their authenticity."

What makes Ratchet Luxury stand out, are niche cultural references on graphic apparel. Bold eye catching statements that are head turning, and sure conversation starters. In 2022, Ratchet Luxury launched a women's Ready To Wear collection full of elevated jaw dropping dresses and separates. Already receiving critical acclaim, Ratchet Luxury women's wear is sure to become a mainstay in fashion.

Ratchet Luxury is the go to brand for the individual who enjoys the grandeur, but is still a rebel within.